Save and compare cars all in one place

Whether you’re buying a car, building a bucket list, or just admiring your collection; keeping track of it all can be hard. SaveCar makes it easy to save and compare cars in a single place. No more logging into multiple platforms.

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Tabular data

Easy to view data of all cars in a single place.

Single Login

Single login to view all your car data.

Registration Lookup

Add/Lookup a car with the registration only.


Simple to update data when required.


We hope you save many cars, so it's just a simple click to sort and real-time searching.


View your data anywhere from the cloud and on any device, big or small.


Compare any car from any platform, clean and simple, just add it to your list.


You can create as many lists as you like, just categories your cars into different lists.

Chrome Extension

Simple Chrome Extension to allow you to save cars without changing page.


Share your lists with friends, car history? dream garage?


Import cars from any platform; eBay, AutoTrader, Piston Heads just to name a few.


Sell your car to the global SellCar marketplace with a simple click.

*coming soon...


  • Single login
  • Up to 10 cars
  • Cross-device platform
  • Includes all starter features
  • Up to 100 cars
  • Compare up to 3 cars a time
  • Remove Ads
  • SellCar marketplace
  • Includes all starter and premium features
  • Tailored limits based on usage