How to improve buying a used car privately

Buying a car to most is a daunting experience, most don’t know what to look at, and most go with the safe option. That safe option is more often than not; buy new. There are lots of tools that will help you here such as CarWow.

However, we are going to focus on how SaveCar can help you on a used car.

There are a million different resource online that can help with buying a car and they are all good. SaveCar app can be a single-origin resource to help you find the perfect car.


A common mistake when buying a car is buying the first you see, although there is nothing wrong with this, it’s good to make sure if the grass is greener. Spend atleast 2 – 4 weeks looking through the market before you start looking, get a good sense of how the market is working and if cars are selling. How do you do this? I hear you ask. Well you can save every car you find in the 2 -4 week period to the SaveCar app. Simply check after 1 -2 weeks if that car is still available and this will give you a sense of what is selling.

While you are saving these cars add a note to each which mentions if it’s expensive or not, you can find this out by comparing/ordering cars via the app and seeing which is the highest and which is the lowest with comparable mileage/age.

SaveCar will save the price at which you save, so when you go back to the website you found the car on, if it’s lowered in price, you will know. If the car has sold, you’ll also know how much it originally was. No other service can give you this information.

Where to buy from?

This is where SaveCar comes into it’s own. Some of the following websites do not have the “save” feature, some do, but it’s all unique to the website. With SaveCar you can save ANY car from ANY website, and then compare all of them.

The following are the top picks for finding a car in my opinion. They are UK based, so no craigslist, but mostly universal.

Get SaveCar—ing and don’t pay over the odds.